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Pressure on health care is on the increase throughout the Netherlands. We too are noticing this. Our GP practice is busier than ever. You may have to wait longer on the telephone or before you can come for an appointment. Please read below how this came about, what we are doing about it and what you yourself can do.

How did this come about?

  • Increasing demand for health care and catch-up care
    Since the emergence of the coronavirus, the demand for health care has increased and this demand continues to increase. We are catching up on the health care that was previously postponed due to the coronavirus. This accounts for a lot more telephone calls and for more and longer visits to the GP practice.
  • Illness and a shortage of staff
    Due to the extreme and extended excessive work load, there are more (long-term) staff, who are absent due to sickness. This is a problem that is being witnessed throughout the Netherlands. As a result, it’s difficult to find additional staff.

What are we doing?

  • Additional hours and extra manpower
    All of our staff are working extremely hard to help you as effectively as possible. They are working longer hours and, where possible, are engaging external employees.
  • Online health care
    We are increasingly making use of online health care. For this purpose, we are using (MGn) and in some practices. This is secure, reliable and effective. You can read how you can take advantage of this below.

What can you do?

In an emergency we can always be contacted by phone. What if it’s not an emergency? Then use one of the following options.

  • Use (MGn) or
    Send a secure message to your healthcare professional by visiting or You can also use MGn for general queries, such as cancelling your appointment or an enquiry about the flu jab. By visiting MGn or using the MedGemak app, you can view laboratory results or your medical record, and request repeat prescriptions. If you are a patient with us, then you can log in directly with your DigiD. View for more information.
  • Unable to attend? Please cancel your appointment in good time
    Do you have an appointment but are unable to attend? Then contact us no later than 24 hours in advance to cancel or reschedule this appointment. We can then schedule other patients at the available time slots and so reduce or prevent waiting times.
  • Self-help
    Are you unsure whether or not you actually need to see the doctor? Visit or for reliable and helpful information.


These times of coronavirus demand a lot from all of us. For the reasons set out above it may be the case that you have to wait longer before your telephone call is answered or you get an appointment for a consultation. We understand that this is very annoying. Aggression won’t resolve the problem. Unfortunately, we have been experiencing a lot of this lately. It’s only together with your help, patience and understanding that we will successfully get through this. Can we count on your support? We are stronger together.

Telephone menu options

When you call us, you will automatically hear menu options. By navigating this menu, you can arrange a number of things yourself, such as:

  • Cancelling an appointment
    Do you want to cancel an appointment? You can do so very simply by entering the requested information on the recording. You don’t have to wait.
  • Requesting a repeat prescription
    Do you want to request a repeat prescription? If you have your repeat number to hand, you can arrange this over the phone in just a few steps.
  • Requesting test results
    Are you calling for the results of a test? If you enter your telephone number, your name and date of birth over the phone, we will call you back.
  • Making/rescheduling an appointment
    Do you want to make or reschedule an appointment or talk to the doctor’s assistant for some other reason? Then select this option to be called back at a later time.